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Join us for our 3rd Annual Goodies 4 UR Hoodies, Saturday, July 29,2023. This event is held at one of San Antonio’s many wonderful parks and includes food, fun, and games for kids of all ages; everything from bounce houses and obstacle courses to petting zoos and balloon artists. There is also live music, burgers and hotdogs, food trucks and many other vendors. As an added bonus, we invite the local Slingshot cars, Motorcycles and Car clubs.


WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT to make our events a success. All monetary donations received will go towards the purchase and upkeep of our Aging-Out Foster Care Transition Home as well as to support driver’s license training, trades, financial literacy and other programs that are made available to our young adults. The Transition Home allows young men and women a safe place to stay while they learn the additional skills needed for adulthood.


The hoodies that are collected will be handed out in several different ways. Preferably directly to the young adults but in most cases we will go through the schools, case workers, guardians, etc. in order to get them delivered. 

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