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About IAD Ministry 

We believe that ministry defines the essence of who we are. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on our programs. We believe that we exist not for ourselves, but as an extension of God; we represent the physical presence of Jesus Christ to the world.

We define ourselves by faithful service to the needs of the community. Educating, equipping, and empowering are the three ministry imperatives that drive all of our activity. It is our prayer that every member of It's Already Done Ministries are working members.



Founder and CEO Rosalind Rider has not only been a servant of our country through the United States Air Force but she has also been a soldier in God's army for the past 35 years. Rosalind grew up knowing who God was but didn't blossom into HIS full purpose for her life until she was called to give birth to "It's Already Done Ministries." Like so many women, she too has overcome trials and turmoil, deception and despair, abuse and heartbreak but what made her steadfast is her love, dedication, determination and all around devoted belief in God and HIS promises! That's what the Ministry challenges you to do. Take accountability for what you have been through and BLOSSOM/TRANSFORM into God's perfect plan HE has upon your life. 

Brothers Supporting Brothers

IAD Men’s, Brothers Supporting Brothers program has one goal and vision: to assist men around the world with their walk with Christ. Our desire is to help men have the courage to explore and begin their walk with Christ, the strength to develop the lifestyle that enhances the discipleship patterns of Christ, and the endurance to live a victorious life that allows their family, friends, colleagues and the younger generations to find their fulfillment in Christ.


YAM (Youth Adult Ministry)

Youth programs need guidance and support as they navigate through the most challenging part of their development and seek to grow in their walk with Christ. Our leaders are here to help them to reach their full potential. 

Sisters Supporting Sisters

What Is A Woman's Program? “The true meaning of "Sisterhood!" Like most forms of ministry, women's programs are Jesus-centered. It's all about helping other women to come to Christ and grow in Christ. It's about encouraging people to understand the gospel, respond to the gospel and apply the gospel to every aspect of their life. This will happen when women engage with God through his Word and prayer, in the community and beyond. 

Thanksgiving Photo With Rosalain and Others.jpg

Mentorship Program

Mentoring is a relationship between mentor, mentee and the Holy Spirit. Through this relationship, the mentee seeks to discover what God is already doing in his or her life, and thereby grow in friendship with God, identity in God, and awareness of God's call. We facilitate Peer to Peer Support. Presently, we have built relationships with ministries, local, state and federal organizations to streamline our efforts that benefit our young adults.

Volunteer Groups

To volunteer, to follow God's call to transform lives by reaching out and uplifting those in need throughout the state of Texas and one day ALL over America.

We do this through our programs, events and fundraisers of service while changing lives in and around the state of Texas. We seek to serve the whole person (mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally) by bridging the gap between the different agencies and the church with an invitation but no obligation to participate in outreach services and/or religious activities.

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