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Vunda Comeger
Board Secretary

My name is Vunda L. Comeger and I am a mighty woman of God, the oldest of six, the mother of seven, married to Steven A. Comeger for 23 years.  I've served in the U.S. Air force and the Army National Guard for a combined six years.  I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology, childcare training, and served as a Girl Scout leader for 7 years.   God has allowed me to experience situations that I would not have otherwise volunteered for if given the choice.  It's been a challenging ride that has truly kept me on my toes and down on my knees in prayer.  Through it all, I have learned to look to God for his guidance and trust his direction.  Each situation is an opportunity to grow and instill wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in the lives of those around me, while also learning a few things new myself.  Although I don't always understand his will, I must trust the process, remembering always that God is always in control.

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