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Roosevelt Carter
Training and Operations Manager;
Training and Quality Assurance Manager

I was born raised in San Antonio Texas , semi-retired from a career of 35years with CPS Energy Electrical Company in the Alamo City. Currently I’m employed at Texas Utility Engineering Company , the same position held at both places as a Senior Electric Designer.

In addition with that I’m a trainer and mentor for those who need it. Some of these people travel from all over the world , for this experience to learn this business with Gas and Electric Utilities . The last 20 years I have assisted different churches in mentoring and coordinate with various ministries.


I believe when we able to serve our the community and bring someone else up , it creates significant bond and a sense of trust with every encounter. Mentorship prepares young men for leadership in the world of work. I’m encouraged to reach as many of people that needed to mentored wherefore their confidence levels are restored. These are people where our society has given up on , but in this ministry no one is left behind. These are just only some things that God have placed on my heart , by making ourselves available for his people. Everyone has greatness within them but with God’s help all things are possible. With God there is always an more excellent way of doing things that is pleasing to him.


Roosevelt carter Jr

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